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Kevin Michaels - The Legendary Drummer !


Here are a Great bunch of Jazz Musicians

I have known and LOVE!
 Joe Porcaro, Mike Valerio, Kevin Michaels, Emil Richards, Mike Lang at Charlie O's












I have known Joe Porcaro for 35 years: he's a great gift, teacher and friend to me. He and his wife Aileen have adopted me as a son early in 2002...i guess I remind them of there son Jeff in many ways.             

I have known Mike Valerio for 4 1/2 years, Emil Richards since 1967 and Mike Lang since 1968. How's that for some history! Also, Chuck Domanico (not pictured here) whom i met in 1967 in Silverlake California in 1967, he used to hang out with us too, along with Roger Kellaway (not pictured) whom I met in Las Vegas Nevada in 1966 with his wife Jorjana....Tom Scott used to come together with us too! We used to all get together when I was a child and enjoy some natural places such as green meadows, rolling hills, the beach etc. in and along the coast and hills of Malibu California!       

Buttermilk Band Photo - July 7th 2002 - Baked Potato












Well now! I met Kofi Baker (Ginger Bakers son) and Bob Robles at the Gig. I have known Robbie about five years and have been associated with Ohm Band consisting of Chris Poland, David Eagle and Robbie Pagliari.  Their website is:  ....they have recently recorded and finished a new album, including are such tunes like Peanut Butter Buddha, Sister Cheryl and many more enjoyable tunes they have written played on and arranged! Stay tuned for other great photos taken with different musicians when we have a camera handy, and have somebody worthy of pictorial highlighting !

Here's "Guitar Shorty" blues guitarist extraordinaire at 70 years of age and still putting on a great show; Kevin Michaels - The Legendary Drummer; and, Henderson a rhythm guitarist in the band pictured after the first set at Boulder Station - The Railhead, Las Vegas Nevada March 25th, 2004. It was a great concert and many fans both young and old attended!                          Photo KIS

Now here's "The Legandary Drummer - Elvin Jones; Drummer Extraordinaire ! Backstage with me after the show at The Jazz Bakery, Culver City, California, 2002 at 74 years of age and still putting on a great show; Kevin Michaels - Elvin Jones pictured after the second set. It was a great concert and many fans both young and old joined to see this event, even in the rain!