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Welcome to the Lessons area !

We must congratulate you, because this is perhaps the strongest decision to make in life, to improve yourself!

Kevin is accepting students who are very serious about studying. Kevin teaches the very young as well as to seniors and all else whom may be in need of learning assistance and dynamic growth!

Areas of Study will be based on demonstrated ability and knowledge of the student at time he/she starts! You do not need expensive equipment to start, however, if you have professional grade equipment you'll get a better sound more quickly! 

The only requirement for study is a commitment and willingness to work and study carefully the material given to you! 

Parents bringing their child for study will be required to wait in the library during the lesson. 

There will be alot of brain work involved so bring your thinking cap! Sorry, good looks don't count for ability!

Students are required to to pay for lessons in advance of study. Lessons are given in blocks of twelve, and students will have the opportunity to have private lessons (or in groups) on premises and ample opportunity to attend lessons regularly. If you miss your appointment you still have to pay, unless!  you call 48 hours in advance of your lesson to reschedule (come and be reasonable, that's all i ask!). However this policy applies only when you have a work call, or an emergent situation. You'll have to provide proof like a doctor bill, work contract, etc. to be excused from the fee. There is only one emergent allowable excuse per twelve week course. If you give up lessons or quit it's your own decision. No Refunds! Students are required to buy their own materials, books, pencils, sheet music, etc. Teacher will be available for consultation during the period surrounding the lessons as necessitated by student.

Classes are scheduled on an on-going basis and can begin whenever a student desires to start. Learning will be fun, exciting, and rigorous! No slouches please! You will not pass the course if you can not show marked improvement or ability to process the information given then translate it to your instrument. No exceptions!

Areas of study will be fundamentally:

  • Technique

  • Counting

  • Theory

  • Song Appreciation

  • Tone/Sound

  • Phrasing

  • Tuning

  • Arranging/ments



Once you study (for a while) you'll never sound the same!

Same = dead sound and boring or not playing according to song !

Have Fun!

For students interested in lessons,

click the contact page link to your left.